Discovery Box (Origins)

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In this exclusive box you will find four unique single origin coffees, carefully selected for their smooth and complex flavors. Each coffee is like a journey in itself, with a refined character that reflects the local terroir and culture.

This discovery box contains 4 exceptional coffees:

- 250gr Nicaragua - Maragogype Superiore: Discover the opulence of the Maragogype bean, with its refined aromas and silky texture. A real treat for the gourmet.

- 250gr Kenya - AA+ Nyeri: Experience the vibrant and bright notes of Kenyan coffee. The AA+ Nyeri offers an unforgettable taste experience with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

- 250gr Costa Rica - La Pantera Tarrazu: Be enchanted by the exotic flavors of Costa Rica. La Pantera Tarrazu brings a harmonious interplay of sweet and fruity notes, with an aftertaste that will stay with you for a long time.

- 250gr Domenican Republic - Finca La Colonia: Taste the passion of the Dominican Republic in every sip. Finca La Colonia surprises with its rich body and hints of chocolate and nuts.

degree of grind: Coffee beans

degree of grind

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Discovery Box (Origins)

Discovery Box (Origins)

Coffee beans

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